Aesthetically, the black-and-white outsole design of CCILU’s Horizon collection bears the legendary “ICHIMATSU MOYO” pattern, an elite black-and-white fashion symbol in the Golden Age of Japanese history. For this mnemonic, Propeller5 drew on the Japanese notion that “in unity, there is diversity.” We emanate from a single source, struggling to defy expectations, strike out on our own, and find our path. Liberate yourself, and your next step is clear. It is a beautiful coincidence that this illustrious pattern has been adopted by the Tokyo Olympics Committee to be the official logo of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Our creative was inspired by Ccilu Founder Wilson Hsu, who started out as a banker but, at the peak of his career, took a giant leap outside his comfort zone to become an award-winning shoe designer. A small shoe stand on the streets soon became an international brand selling across five continents. In Summer 2017, Ccilu launched the USA with its Horizon Collection.

Momentum increases with every stride.

The first step is the hardest. Many avoid it altogether. Those who recognize their true path liberate themselves in the process. Their next step is clear.

We currently oversee North American Creative Marketing for Ccilu Footwear, presiding over the company’s SS18 product launch. Our team is responsible for original content & copy, social media, branding and messaging for Ccilu USA. Additionally, we are consulting on product, SMUs, and retail distribution.

The Propeller5 team devised the brand’s tagline, “liberate yourself,” the basis of Ccilu’s advertising and marketing campaigns.

Our brand mnemonic is attached to videos created for marketing purposes and appears as the logo/tagline on partner videos:

We thank our partners at NUCLEAR animation/fx for their help bringing this creative to life.