The Propeller5 experience

Propeller5 specializes in brand strategy and creative solutions. We are fluent in modern marketing and informed by analytics. We are genre-agnostic. We hand craft and execute our campaigns based on the distinct needs of each client. If we work with you, it means we are fervent fans of your brand. Our enthusiasm fuels this adventure and it is contagious.

There is power in leading by example.

The Propeller5 Leadership Team brings a unique perspective to the branded arena. We didn’t come up through the agency system; we cut our teeth as entrepreneurs in retail, technology, law, entertainment, commercial production and, of course, marketing. This 30-year boot camp armed us with a profound appreciation of the journey from small business to big business. It also made us experts in real world branding.

Blades create thrust. Propellers add lift and direction.

Whether you are a challenger brand or the market leader, you know that it takes passion, science and ingenuity to soar above the competition. Our team has worked together for more than a decade, bringing fashion, entertainment and more to consumers all over the world; at the same time, our diverse interests and pursuits make us so much more than the sum of our parts. You – the client – are our co-conspirator in your brand’s forward motion: you are the “fifth propeller.”


Isack Fadlon

Isack Fadlon


Retail, Product Development, Grassroots

As co-founder of iconic indie retailer Sportie LA, Isack has spent 30 years introducing some of the most innovative brands in the history of modern footwear to the North American market.

Isack opened Sportie LA’s flagship store in 1985 with his sister, Orna Amzaleg, while earning his BA in History at UCLA. He continued to build Sportie LA while attending University of California, Hastings College of Law, where he received his JD. At Northwestern University, Isack pursued his MSJ and was published in various newspapers. In 1995, he established the Law Offices of Fadlon & Rozio with future Propeller5 COO Zack Rozio.

In 2006, Isack formed the core Propeller5 team, bringing Justo Diaz and Hersh Rephun aboard to launch the company’s media arm, Sportie LA Media. SLAM boasts a decade of digital marketing experience, launching new brands and products across a wide spectrum of channels. When Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was in its infancy, Sportie LA was garnering powerful positions on Google for brands such as New Balance, PUMA, Reebok, PF Flyers and others. Sportie LA’s west coast roots allow our team to take full advantage of seeding product within the tastemaker and celebrity communities via strategic gifting suites and events.

In 2015, Footwear News listed Sportie LA among the “Top 10 Independent Retailers to Know Now”. A decade earlier, the same venerable trade named the store “Independent Retailer of the Year” in 2004, and – in various years – “Top Independent Store” and counted Isack among the “Top 100 Most Powerful in the Footwear Industry”. That’s momentum. In 2016, the City of LA formally commemorated Sportie LA’s 30 years in business. Sportie LA’s story runs parallel to the connection Isack has forged with his hometown of Los Angeles. Formerly on the Board of Directors of UCLA Hillel, Isack now sits on the Board of Directors of the Melrose Improvement District and Sephardic Educational Center.

In 2016, Isack founded apparel company The KOSHER Brand with the ethos “Pure. Kind. Equal.”

Hersh Rephun

Hersh Rephun



Hersh Rephun served as a publicist for some of the most high-profile and awarded commercial directors and production companies in the world, before diving headlong into standup, and emerging as a public speaker and podcaster bridging the worlds of comedy and advertising.

Hersh’s career spans two decades as a writer and creator of multi-platform content, marketing and PR campaigns for a diverse clientele, from filmmakers to fashion brands. His production and postproduction clients, including Jason Reitman (Juno, Up in the Air), Theodore Melfi (Hidden Figures, St. Vincent), the Anonymous Content roster, Union Editorial and Union Entertainment Group, have been honored with every major industry award, from Oscars to Cannes Gold Lions, the Palme d’Or, Grand Prix, AICP, DGA, Clio and One Show. He has helped challenger brands like BEARPAW become market players, and leads North American creative for Ccilu International, an award-winning footwear brand sold in 60 countries and now in the US.

In 2016, Hersh oversaw PR for Andrew Laurich’s subversive short, A Reasonable Request, which was named “Today’s Best Short” by Digg, ranked among VICE’s “Top 10 Shorts of the Year,” shortlisted for Vimeo’s “Best Videos of the Year,” and bears the rare distinction of screening at both SxSW and Sundance.

Hersh’s background in advertising and promotion, paired with comedy chops earned at standup gigs across the country (The Comedy Store, Comic Strip Live, Funny Bone, Comedy Cellar…), and screenwriting credits on cult films featuring spaceships, bikinis and Bruce Campbell (Assault on Dome 4), led to the creation of YES, BRAND: The Podcast, which Hersh describes as “equal parts laughter and self-help.” His diverse guest list includes Birkenstock Americas CEO David Kahan, author and Forbes contributor Jonathan David Lewis (Brand vs. Wild), and filmmaker Jordan Brady (I AM BATTLE COMIC).

“SMITHEREENS,” a comedy pilot written by Hersh, was a Best Screenplay finalist at the LA Comedy Fest and Beverly Hills Film Fest. In 2016, “SMITHEREENS” was presented in a live reading at the Comedy Film & Screenplay Festival.

When not helping brands achieve added lift via Propeller5, Hersh appears nationally and internationally as a host, moderator and performer.

Justo Diaz

Justo Diaz

Brand Story Chief

Creative Strategy, Digital Marketing and Analytics

“Dear dreamers, your willingness to fail is a measure of how much you want to succeed,” says Justo Diaz, Propeller5’s resident brand strategist. He’s a scientist who believes brands and consumers are on the same team. “This isn’t about us vs. them,” he explains. “It’s about realizing that the story of a brand is inextricably linked to a story of a person.”

Justo has a strong commitment to unearthing a brand’s core value then broadcasting it digitally by any means possible. He has a Masters in the Management of Information Systems, so he dedicates himself to exploiting data in the interest of making viable creative decisions.

Among Justo’s goals in 2016 was the establishment of a film company dedicated to creating and inspiring modern female characters on screen. As the father of three girls, Justo is proud to have partnered with Emmy-nominated filmmaker Beth Dewey in Film Entity. Their first collaboration is the dark indie feature Erasing Eden. Starring Breeda Wool (Lifetime’s UnREAL, Amazon’s The Betas) and directed by Dewey, the film’s female protagonist rebels against societal pressure to be the perfect bride by burning every bridge. Justo co-created the story with a marketing strategy in mind, and oversaw that strategy with Propeller5 CCO Hersh Rephun, creating a website, poster art and more for the film. The team raised awareness via PR, social media, and grassroots marketing, which garnered excellent reviews, press coverage and website traffic. Erasing Eden’s Facebook page has 11K Likes, and the film is now screening in more than five festivals.

Perhaps the quote that best describes his method comes from his creative collaborator Beth Dewey, who notes, “Justo’s greatest strength is his ability to find a central theme that ties all the elements of a story together to garner the widest appeal.”

Zack Rozio

Zack Rozio


Account Management/Strategy/Legal

An expert in Franchise, Distribution, and Brand Protection, Zack Rozio has a unique perspective on the power of creative marketing. He is the details man at Propeller5, poring over every aspect of our campaigns and looking after the interests of our clients. Zacky is a native Los Angelino, who graduated from Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies. At Wesleyan University in CT, he double-majored in College of Social Studies (Integrated Social Studies Major) and in Government (International Relations Concentration). This led to his work on political campaigns in Philadelphia, PA, and for the California Attorney General’s Office. Zacky served as Deputy Press Secretary on the Van de Kamp for Governor campaign.

Zacky earned his JD from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, CA, in 1993. Alongside Propeller5 CEO Isack Fadlon, Zacky founded the Law Firm of Fadlon & Rozio two years later, and has built that practice over the succeeding two decades with a high-profile clientele spanning Corporate, Transactional and Brand Protection work, as well as Business Litigation.

Like his fellow Propeller5 players, Zacky brings passion and creativity to his role at the company. He is fluent in Spanish and is a novelist and short story writer, regularly contributing thought pieces to the Propeller5 blog and other publications.