Consumers want a connection. They want to be valued, and demand truth in advertising. Your narrative is the cornerstone of your relationship with the desired audience. We are seasoned storytellers, crafting and communicating your narrative in a way that reflects your core values, and we are there as your brand-consumer relationship matures and evolves.


A great idea takes on value when its execution is assured. We have nearly two decades of experience devising and producing branded campaigns. Across all platforms, we have the ability to create words, images and sounds that stand out.


Beyond our experiences as creative marketers, we are entrepreneurs who have had skin in the game. From fashion brands to retail franchises, we have helped businesses grow. As such, we engage in “real world branding.” Armed with an empathetic view of the client experience, we know what it takes to build a brand.


Press writing. Outreach. Corporate Communications. Media Relations. Each is an extension of the storytelling with which our campaigns originate. The goal is the same – dissemination of the brand message. The principal difference is the intended audience – in this case, magazine editors, bloggers and anyone else who can ultimately share your story with their own readers.


From UX to UGC, no two brand campaigns should look alike. A unique message calls for standout activations, and the Propeller 5 team knows how to put you in a room with your customer. Whether it’s a contest, a launch party, a pop-up or a thrill ride, it must extend the brand-consumer conversation. Events are commonplace; what we deliver is an eventful interaction.