Lifestyle Photo Campaign
  • To put the theory to the test, photographer Phil Knott spent a day in LA with a group of model/actor/dancer/goofball types. The idea was to cut loose, have a good time, but to all end up together at the same place, and see if these shoes were made not just for walking, but also, for walking the walk. The shoot took us from Downtown to Chinatown, from MacArthur Park to Venice Beach.


What Happened: In 2021, practical walking shoes are being curiously co-opted by spry 20- and 30-somethings.” WSJ

Campaign Concept 

  • P5 drew on the collection’s emphasis on individuality, with a dose of attitude and irreverence, all the while stressing the importance of feeling great while looking great.
  • The tagline we crafted – “No matter how you get there… Mephisto Walks” – conveys the message that our product is durable, comfortable, and hip enough to accompany you wherever you go. We accomplish this without ever using the word “comfort” (a term that does not appeal to our target demo).


Still Life Campaign
  • Having established that Mephisto Originals meet your needs and pass the test, from the theatre, to pavement, train tracks and turf, the beach, and mid-air, we decided to slow things down a bit. How do we feel about Mephisto Originals from a purely stylistic standpoint? The real test of a fashion statement is how it looks frozen in time. We turned to Gaelle Beller, whose work for Rolex, Sony, Revlon and more demonstrates an ability to capture the essence of a classic.
  • Gaelle photographed each of our styles in the context of movement, complementing what Phil and Oleg had done, but in her own inimitable style, with grace and elegance befitting a shoe that stands the test of time.
  • Each style in the Rainbow and Lady lines is represented, and every shot employs Mephisto Originals in a manner and setting that communicates the campaign themes.


Campaign Video
  • Shoes called Rainbow and Lady are not the first that come to mind when doing parkour. But we thought we’d hand out some pairs out to friends of ours who are known for parkour, just to see how they’d look rolling in Mephisto Originals. Walk the walk, right?
  • Our video was directed by Oleg Cricket, a parkour artist-turned-filmmaker now living in LA.
  • Edits include a :60, several :15s, and 5 x :05s in various formats.


Event / Pop-Up Experience 
  • #whowalksinla? – It’s a reasonable question, right? People drive in LA. They sit in traffic for hours, but for some, a day on the 405 is preferable to a walk from La Cienega to Fairfax. Posing the question “Who walks in LA?” laid the groundwork for the reintroduction of a fun brand category with an undeniable USP of comfort. As the launch date of our campaign and LA pop-up experience neared, we put this question out to the universe in the form of satire.
  • We followed that up with more traditional press outreach, to fashion trades like FN, and created fliers, maps and more, to promote the campaign launch.

  • In October 2018, we brought our message to the public, with a 4-day pop-up experience on Melrose Ave, adjacent to iconic indie retailer, Sportie LA. Chris Reid (Kid N Play), Lyriq Bent (Tyler Perry’s Acrimony), and more stopped by to check out the product.
  • Guitarist/Producer George Pajon Jr. of the Black Eyed Peas, singer-songwriter Andrew Cole (“Colourblind”), and internationally renowned violinist KOI performed.
  • To celebrate the launch, we also invited muralist Gustavo Zermeno (@GZ.JR) to create a themed mural in the Sportie #FameYard; Gustavo’s commissioned work includes tributes to the Dodgers and the much-acclaimed mural and billboard welcoming LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers.