Asset Creation – Rule #1: Break Every Rule

At Propeller5, we are strong believers in getting the most bang for your buck. This comes from years of working in retail and being familiar with the pressure brands face to market their product on a budget and convert that into sales. Throughout the years, our team has collected data and analyzed how best to create a sustainable lifestyle culture that can be broadcast through social media, a robust blog and when necessary bought media (billboards, advertising, print etc.).

One key component is asset creation. At some point, we stumbled upon a formula to satisfy the endless need for assets driven by a brand narrative:


This formula has resulted in a breadth of asset creation spanning photo shoots, how-to videos, pitches and presentations. The combination of a buttoned-up set and an open mind often results in some unplanned magic:

  • On our watch as Creative Marketing Agency of Record for BEARPAW Footwear, the company evolved from a $40M/year challenger to a $100M/year player.
  • What began as a catalogue shoot for BEARPAW became a YT channel for the brand, attracting guests like reality competition stars Rachel Reilly (The Amazing Race, Big Brother) and Karina Smirnoff (DWTS).
  • A gifting suite at Sundance became an actual party when we took our cameras and celebrities to the streets of Park City.

This is par for the course for the Propeller5 team and for SportieLA, which has long been known for its red carpet events pawning organic branded content across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The current landscape is to our liking, where Rule #1 in Content Creation calls for the breaking of all rules. If the consumer relates to it, if it is on-brand and comes from a place that’s legit, it’s all good. So, for example, a Propeller5 production can comprise a documentary short, a photo shoot and thought piece for publication on the brand’s blog…

Creativity takes on all forms and formats.

We put our clients and our subjects at ease, and it all falls into place.